Immersive Minecraft Add-Ons

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Airport Tycoon

Be the manager of your very own airport in Airport Tycoon. Unlock 30 different upgrades and enjoy the included free skins and animated models while you watch your airport grow bigger as you earn more and more money by taking care of security and even flying planes yourself!

- Animated models
- Custom planes
- 30 upgrades
- Designed for 1-2 players

Bank Simulator

Have you always wanted to be rich and influential?
With this simulator, you can finally live up to your dream! Now you can become the richest person in Minecraft! Start from nothing and upgrade your bank in the popular tycoon style to rise to the top.

- Unlock advanced machines
- Defend your earnings from robbers
- Designed for 1-2 players

Bedrock Prison

It's escape room time! Prove your knowledge, skill and perseverance. Solve over 30 tricky puzzles alone or with your friends and escape the "Bedrock Prison"! Along the way, you'll use vanilla mechanics to solve problems and advance to the next level!

- 30+ unique Minecraft puzzles
- Detailed hints/explanations
- Cool skins included

Find The Keys

Welcome to Find The Keys! 52 keys are hiding in the big city and its surroundings. Be the first to find all keys and win! But don't worry, the more keys you find, the more items you get that will help you find them.

- Single and multiplayer
- Hide-and-seek
- 52 different keys to find
- 2 free skins

Lucky Block - Game Edition

Minecraft is a game among many, imagine you could play all the other games in Minecraft! This Lucky Block makes your dream come true! Equip yourself with the Lucky Block Wall and destroy your opponents' beacons! Last one standing wins!

- New craftable armor + weapons
- Epic PvP-battle in bedwars-like game mode
- Custom armor effects
- 2 to 4 players

Lucky Block Millionaire

Have you always wanted to live the millionaire lifestyle? With this Lucky Block you can experience what it feels like to be super rich! Complete the jump ‘n‘ run and equip yourself with the Lucky Blocks along the way.

- 250+ Lucky Block drops
- 45 NEW craftable weapons and armor items
- EPIC Boss fight or PVP battle

Lucky Block Super Heroes

Have you always wanted to be a superhero? With this Lucky Block you can take on the role of 5 new superheroes! Compete in an epic battle against 8 unique (boss) mobs or up to 4 friends!

- 100+ Lucky Block drops
- 45 NEW craftable weapons and armor items
- Spin the WHEEL OF FORTUNE to get Lucky Blocks

Lucky Block Hacker

Lucky Block - Hacker Edition! Race down the jump and run and get powerful equipment! Challenge yourself or your friends in this Lucky Block parkour!

- Hacker enchantments
- Custom armor effects
- 40+ new craftable items and armor
- 100+ random outcomes

Random Skyblock

 Skyblock, but every 60s a completely new island is randomly generated! This is the concept of RANDOM SKYBLOCK. Experience skyblock in a whole new way, thanks to new game mechanics and tactics!
- 33'386'248 island combinations
- 12'977'875 diamond chest variations

- New random Island every 60s
- Diamond chest with random items
- New tactics + game mechanics
- Dungeon island

School Tycoon

 Have you always dreamed of opening your very own school?
School Tycoon lets you fulfill that wish. Pick up students' trash and upgrade your machines to improve your school. Invest your earnings in droppers to make even more profit.

- More than 10 advanced machines
- 18 skins included
- More than 35 school upgrades

Shade Lucky Block

Unleash the power of the shade lucky block! Challenge yourself or your friends to a race in this shade lucky block parkours. Destroy lucky blocks during the race and get powerful equipment for the final battle.

- More than 100 drops
- Shade/Horror themed items, armor, weapons and tools
- Epic PvP battle with up to 4 friends or boss fight (single player)

Speedrun Simulator

Have you always dreamed of becoming a speedrunner? This simulator will make that dream come true!
Build your own speedrun lab in the popular tycoon style and test your speedrunners in a mini world parkour! Buy upgrades to improve your lab and break new records!

- Designed for 1-2 players
- More than 10 animated lab machines
- Custom soundtrack